Dressing Vets for Success:

Ceiphers Clothing presents Dressing Vets for Success, a fashion fundraiser fueled by our gratitude to those who have served the United States. Join us on September 7th at The Duce as our veterans walk the runway in their new “Job Ready” Ceiphers gear, eager to get back into the work force after serving our country. The party starts at 7 PM! Appetizers will be served and all guests will receive a free gift upon entering the event. Proceeds will help Project Veterans Pride transition into a new facility where they will be able to give even more vets a hand up in their community. Learn more about the non profit here.



Ceiphers Clothing presents Bow-a-Petite at Maggiano’s in Scottsdale, a superhero-inspired fashion fundraiser to benefit OCJ Kids. Join the party on October 5th from 6 – 10 PM as you are the first to see Ceiphers Clothing’s new collection of Kid’s bow ties (and capes) on the runway! Guests are in for a night of light-hearted fun, including your own gifted superhero cape, appetizers, performances, and giveaways! Be sure to wear your cape inside the venue as you’ve just become a child’s hero just by purchasing your ticket to the event. Proceeds benefit the nonprofit and will be used to purchase necessary items for the children in foster care: blankets, pillows, toiletries, toys, etc. Learn more about OCJ kids by clicking here.



Millie Klumpp and Roselyn Conforti

Generations Inspired Via Empowerment
Legacy of Philanthropy

Since Salome Olweya’s passing, relatives like Roselyn Conforti (Salome’s daughter) and Millie Klumpp (Salome’s grand daughter) have continued to raise money and awareness for Nyaburi School through the Appleseed Ministry, a 501C-3 licensed non-profit organization in San Luis Obispo, California. To see more of Millie’s and Roselyn’s projects and to donate directly to the school, please visit www.appleseedministry.com/millie

Generations Inspired Via Empowerment
Legacy of Philanthropy

Nyaburi is located in Kendu Bay and was established in 1984 to cater to children with disabilities. The school currently has a total enrollment of 428 pupils in primary and 112 pupils in early childhood classes. Donations help supply textbooks, school supplies, wheelchairs and crutches, and fund the school’s general development plans. In addition to academics, Nyaburi offers farming programs that empower the community around the school, allowing the school to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Students at Nyaburi Integrated Primary School
Ceiphers Olweya, Jenn Rose, and Rachel Olweya
at Bow-a-Petite Charity Fashion Show

Local Philanthropy

Ceiphers Clothing regularly volunteers with nonprofit organizations in the Phoenix, Arizona community. By hosting fundraisers or just lending some time, we are able to give back to a community that gives us so much. To learn more about hosting a fundraiser for your local nonprofit organization, please send a detailed email to rachel@ceiphersclothing.com.

Fashion Show Fundraiser