Legacy of Philanthropy

International Philanthropy

Buy 1, Give $1

Ceiphers's grandmother, Salome Olweya, is the inspiration behind all we do. She cofounded Nyaburi Integrated Primary School in 1984. Nyaburi is located in Kendu Bay and was created for children with disabilities to learn under the same roof as everyone else. The school currently has over 500 students in primary and early childhood classes. Donations supply textbooks, school supplies, wheelchairs and crutches, and fund the school’s general development plans. In addition to academics, Nyaburi offers farming programs that empower the community around the school, allowing the school to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Salome Olweya has started a legacy of philanthropy that has been passed down through generations. The torch has now been passed to husband and wife team, Ceiphers and Rachel Olweya, as they use fashion to pursue their passion, philanthropy. For every item purchased, Ceiphers Clothing donates $1 to Nyaburi Integrated Primary School for children with disabilities in Kenya. Join Ceiphers Clothing in making a larger impact and let what you wear matter.

Local Philanthropy

Let Us Host a Fashion Fundraiser for Your 501c3 Organization!

At Ceiphers Clothing, we give back to our local community by hosting Fashion Fundraisers for nonprofits that align with our values. We work with education, foster child, and veteran affiliated 501c3 organizations to raise funds and awareness for their cause. Ceiphers Clothing Fashion Fundraisers are unlike any other, full of interactive games, incredible prizes, a live auction and of course a fashion show! These events are fun for the entire family. We love hosting these fundraisers because they allow us to make an impact and have fun at the same time! Be the first to know about Ceiphers Clothing Fashion Fundraisers by signing up for our e-newsletter and following our social media pages.

If you are interested in having Ceiphers Clothing host a Fashion Fundraiser for your 501c3 organization, please send a detailed email with your mission and goals to rachel@ceiphersclothing.com.

Fashion Show Fundraiser