International Philanthropy

Every time you order from Ceiphers Clothing, you let what you wear matter. For 6 years, Ceiphers Clothing has supported education in Kenya by donating $1 from each retail item sold to Nyaburi Integrated Primary School for children with disabilities. The school was founded by Ceiphers's grandmother, Salome Olweya, and is close to our hearts. Nyaburi relies on donors and supporters to keep the school going. Donations are used to purchase school supplies, shoes and other necessary items for the students.
Local Philanthropy

 Ceiphers Clothing is a proud contributor to the local community. We strive to build up our community in Phoenix by hosting fashion fundraisers for local non-profits with a focus on education, veterans and children. Some of the non-profits we have worked with include the Service Dog Fund, OCJKids, Harvest Compassion Center to name a few.

Join our tribe. Shop now and let what you wear matter!