Delic House interviews Ceiphers Olweya, founder of Ceiphers Clothing.

Generations Inspired Via Empowerment

 Unschooled and married at a young age, Ceiphers’s grand-mother, Salome Olweya, started off by selling porridge, scones, boiled maize, beans, sweet potatoes and cassava under a tree by the road side in Maseno, Kenya. From this, she trained to tailor and then to knit at Lela, three miles from Maseno, walking both ways until she bought a bicycle. She eventually bought sewing and knitting machines, rented a veranda at Lela, and started to tailor, knit, and train other women from the community. Salome was later contracted to create uniforms for the students at nearby schools.Ceiphers's grandpa, Nathan Olweya realized the great leadership potential of his wife Salome and initiated her home schooling. She learned to read and write while becoming increasingly involved in local schools, church boards, politics, and other projects. With the help of sponsors and donors, Salome co-founded the Nyaburi Integrated Primary School for children with disabilities in 1984. Her popularity in the community earned her nomination by the Kenyan President as a District Councilor! Until her death at 73, she served as a treasurer at a mixed Primary School, board member at a Boys Secondary School, and was an overseer in a number of Churches. She was a pioneer who served from the heart. 

Legacy of Philanthropy

Since her passing, relatives like Roselyn Conforti (Salome’s daughter, aunt to Ceiphers) and Millie Klumpp (Salome’s grand daughter, cousin to Ceiphers) have continued to raise money and awareness for Nyaburi School through the Appleseed Ministry a 501C-3 licensed non-profit organization in San Luis Obispo, California. To see more of Millie’s and Roselyn’s projects and to donate directly to the school, please visit www.appleseedministry.com/millie  

Nyaburi Integrated Primary School

Nyaburi is located in Kendu Bay was established in 1984 to cater to children with disabilities. The school currently has  a total enrollment of 428 pupils in primary and 112 pupils in early childhood classes. Donations help supply textbooks, school supplies, wheelchairs and crutches, and fund the school's general development plans. In addition to academics, Nyaburi offers farming programs that empower the community around the school, allowing the school to be sustainable and self-sufficient.