Kente Clothe Tear Drop Earrings

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2020 has been a challenging year, one that has opened the eyes of many to inequalities and injustices that surround our communities. We have carefully created our Kente Clothe Collection with education and positive change in mind. We vow to do our part as a brand by providing community leaders with the funds and resources they need to enact positive change.

When you purchase any limited edition item from Ceiphers Clothing, you are making the socially conscious decision to let what you wear matter. 10% of the proceeds from each item purchased are donated to the Back To School/Stay In School Program at the NAACP.

The Back To School/Stay In School Program works to increase the number of skilled and literate African American youth graduating from high schools in low income communities by providing them with mentoring, tutoring, and scholarships. Each scholarship recipient is able to attend college level courses while they are in high school, giving them a better opportunity for a higher education.