May 22, 2018

Ceiphers Dresses… with Pockets!

We had lots of requests from ladies asking if and when we were going to add more garments to our clothing line for women. Ladies, we heard you! We are proud to introduce our new line of dresses. The inspiration behind the line comes from powerful women in my life. For my grandmother, who started her career sewing clothing in Kenya; for my mother, an amazing educator; and my wife, who stood behind me during […]

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May 8, 2018

Ceiphers Dress Shirt with Teflon

I don’t know about you, by I can think of a million times when I spilled something on a dress shirt and then walked around all day with a stain on it. It’s embarrassing and unnecessary. Ceiphers Teflon Men’s Dress Shirts are here to solve that issue. Each shirt is treated with Teflon™ Shield + fabric protector making the shirt stain resistant, liquid repellent and breathable. All of our styles are accented with our colorful […]

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