E is for Empower

E is for Empower

Each letter of our name, CEIPHERS, stands for one of the values of our company.









The sixth letter (the second E), stands for Empower. I have been empowered by many people in my life. You’ve probably heard me talk in glowing terms about my grandmother, Salome, and my mother, Jacqueline. Both of these amazing ladies have spent their lives empowering others. My grandmother empowered and educated other women through her sewing business. Many of those women went on to create their own businesses and pass on their skills and education to others. My mother spent years educating children refugees and now travels to 28 countries to educate governments and ministries on economic, government, education and health reform.

My grandmother’s legacy lives on in the Nyaburi Integrated Primary School for children with disabilities in Kenya. She established the school in her retirement years. It was small at first, but now the school has grown to encompass hundreds of children and even added a vocational school (the Bridges Center) that serves the entire area. The school empowers the entire community. Just as an example, at the Bridge Center, there is a gigantic garden, where everyone (young or old) who wants to learn is taught farming skills and advanced growing practices. Those who works in the garden are entitled to harvest the fruits of their labors — that produce goes a long way to helping their families stay well-nourished.

With these two powerful women as my example, I knew that when I “grew up” I wanted to empower people as well. Admittedly, it has taken me a while to grow up, but I believe I’ve finally begun to realize that dream. I’m beginning to create a platform where not only I can succeed, but where everyone around me is empowered to reach for their dreams. For example, one of our photographers has been recognized for his work with us and was even asked to interview with MTV. We also work with our models by providing them with headshots and plenty of photos for their portfolios. Many of them have moved on to greener pastures and we were thrilled to be the stepping stone to help them realize their version of success.

That brings me back to the Nyaburi School. As you know, $1 of every purchase goes to support the children at the Nyaburi School. The money and awareness we raise here in America stretches so far in Kenya. Your dollars have allowed us to take away many of the distractions that keep our Kenyan students from succeeding. The money has helped buy books and supplies, food, clothing and so much more … it has helped empower a young generation of Africans to grow into hard-working, responsible members of the community.

Of course, Ceiphers Clothing is equally aware of needs in our community here in the United States. We work closely with the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce and the many non-profit organizations that are members. We’ve supported Veterans, children, animals and the Chamber Foundation to help empower people right here in Arizona to reach higher, dream bigger.

I am proud to be shaping a company where I help empower the success of everyone around me. I’d like nothing better than to help everyone realize their version of success.