E is for Educate

E is for Educate

Each letter of our name, CEIPHERS, stands for one of the values of our company.











The second letter E, stands for Educate … and is inspired by a drive for knowledge.

I previously wrote about hitting the lowest point in my life. The moment when Rachel grabbed me and told me everything would work out, despite my hopelessness. That was a turning point for me, but the road to where I am now was a long one.

I wanted to do a lot better for myself, my family and especially for Rachel. I needed to grow from a boy to a man. I knew I needed more information and education.

I started researching. I didn’t even have a computer at the time, just a cell phone. My phone was my best friend. All my friends would be playing video games, and I’d be glued to my phone. They’d ask me if I was on Facebook, and I’d say, “No, No. I’m on entrepreneur.com.” Even when my friends left for the evening, I would stay up through the night, wide awake with a drive to know more. I kept a personal notebook, full of  ideas for my business. That first notebook turned into another one, and another.

I still have all those notebooks. There must be at least a dozen of them. I go back through them on a regular basis to cross off the things we’ve accomplished and move the ideas that still need to be implemented into my current book.

My grandmother also played a pivotal role in helping me to value education. Salome started a business at a very young age. She had no education, but she could cook. She began selling food on the side of the road in Kenya. Her business did so well, that she earned enough money to buy herself a sewing machine and taught herself to make clothes. Her business exploded and she ended up getting contracts from the local schools to sew school uniforms. She brought in women in the community who were in the same situation — who didn’t have skill sets and lacked the education to provide for their families. She used her business as a platform to educate those women, and a lot of these women went on to start their own businesses.

My grandfather saw what my grandmother could do without an education. What if she had one? He hired her a tutor and she was home schooled. The education inspired Salome even more. She went on to cofound Nyaburi Integrated Primary School in 1984.

In short, watching my grandmother acquire the knowledge she needed to become a pillar of the community inspired me. I knew if I pushed hard enough, I could learn what I needed to become the man I wanted to be. My education is my passport to the future. Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.