Our Presentation, and a Disappointment

Posted by Ceiphers Olweya on

Previously:  We sold most of the bow ties needed for our presentation to a last-minute frantic buyer. Oops. Then I had the opportunity of meeting one of my long-time heroes: Daymond John. Lucky break – at the very beginning of the Summit, I got to meet Nate Holzapfel. He’s the founder of Mission Belt that was featured on Shark Tank about a year ago, and who ended up getting a deal with Daymond John. In their very first year they made about $12 million, so it was really cool, first to have seen Nate and this brother on TV, then see him present his pitch on Shark Tank, and now to see him  up close as one of the keynote speakers at the event. That was awesome. So (the Millennial thing again) we had to snap a picture which we also posted and shared on our social media pages. As Nate was presenting, we were getting a wealth of knowledge from the Summit so far. Come lunchtime we got to socialize with some of the other entrepreneurs from all over the US, in a room of about 100 people. They came from the East Coast, from Washington to Texas, you name it. Even some Canadians. It was really cool to be in a room of like-minded people of so many different ages and backgrounds. We had time to mingle with some of them, to share a little bit about Ceiphers Clothing ... and two or three of them ended up buying our bowties on the first day of the event! It was awesome to get sales while we were at the Summit. While this was going on at the Summit, on the home front we were getting orders from the website, and had to reach out to our team to fulfill those online orders. So it was pretty cool to have all that happening all at once. Well, the first day of the Summit came to an end. We’d already been told that on Day 2 we would go up on stage and present. We spent some time studying a bit more and fine-tuning our presentation pitch before our presentation next day.