Las Vegas and Daymond John

Previously:  After two experimental starts, Rachel and I finally nailed the unique style and “look” of Ceiphers Clothing. At the Las Vegas Entrepreneur Summit in October 2017, we waited to see if we would be among the dozen (out of 100) picked to present our line.   Let’s backtrack a little, to a couple of days before our Las Vegas presentation. It was a busy time for us. We were in the middle not only of releasing a winter collection, but shooting photos for that collection and for our catalog website, and selecting the items we would take to Las Vegas with us. Especially the bow ties. Literally a few hours before we were due to leave we received a phone call from our friend Frank Kitchen – an auctioneer and public speaker – who was staging a two-day event and desperately needed a self-tie bow tie for each member of his team; one for each day. So, leaving for Vegas, we had only a handful of self-tie bow ties left for our presentation. We prayed these would be enough. So we loaded up what we had – chokers, shirts, beanies, and our brand-new hats – and drove to Vegas through the night, refining our “elevator pitch” on the way. In the morning we were tired, but ready for the Entrepreneur Summit. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Going downstairs we saw the signs for the Summit with photos of Daymond John … it was a euphoric feeling for me to know I’d have the opportunity of meeting one of the most iconic men in fashion. You see, Daymond John has been a huge hero to me ever since I was little. I remember having my first Fubu shirt was when I was about 10 years old. It was red with black trim going over the shoulders up to the cuff, and on the front it said Fubu in black and white letters. Down low it had “05” – the zero in black and the five in white – which has symbolism for Fubu because the business started off with five friends ... who are still in the business, and still friends. We had previously subscribed to Daymond John’s Success Formula program, and it was just cool to learn about Fubu’s success, listening to him in some of the podcasts this program provided. But remembering that shirt I had as a 10-year-old, and now being all of 25 and owning our own brand established for two years, and having the opportunity to even meet Daymond John, let alone present the business in front of them, that was huge in itself. So of course I had to do the millennial thing ... and I got on my Facebook Live and just had to shoot a quick video before the Entrepreneur Summit actually started.