Goals Achieved!

Goals Achieved!

Previously:  After our presentation, attendees from two conventions flock to buy our bow ties and I sign my very first autograph.


By the end of the second day of the Summit all that craziness was over, and we had actually made quite a number of sales just within those two days.

It was a blessing, and even though we didn’t get an investment right off the bat, God had showed us the way, and He showed us that we just have to continue to work hard and build those sales, and prove ourselves to our potential investor. So it was an additional blessing to start seeing those sales coming in, pretty much the moment we got off the stage!

We learned, too, that it’s important to share my grandmother’s story on a larger scale; about co-founding the Nyaburi Integrated Primary School for Children With Disabilities. Not only is this inspirational, it’s also a driving factor behind many of our sales. I think that people love to give back to a worthy cause. But not only that: people are more inclined to give when they get something tangible in return. Maybe that’s a little bit of a shame in this day and age, but ... what’s the harm in turning that to everyone’s benefit? If people would rather purchase a cause-driven brand, it’s really awesome to support a worthy cause while doing what you love to do.

Before the last day of the convention started, as we were serving ourselves up a little bit of breakfast, it was an amazing surprise to see about five or six people wearing Ceiphers Clothing bow ties! So we just had to get some video testimonials with them in their bow ties, and snap a bunch of pictures not just for our social media and this website, but for ourselves and our own keepsakes as well.

So all in all the event was really cool, and we met a lot of our goals ... from the opportunity to present our business, to finding a potential investor, to meeting some of our heroes and role models in the fashion industry. And selling our product!

It was an awesome experience to see the amount of support we got from people at the Entrepreneur Summit, in purchasing, and also in sharing and liking and talking about Ceiphers Clothing.  I cannot wait for us to be able to present the business in front of our potential investor in six months, and just show them what we’re really made of. So we’re really looking forward to that, and pushing hard towards it.

For the year 2017, another goal for our very young company was to donate $1,500.00 to Nyaburi Integrated Primary School, giving them a dollar for every item we sell. And we exceeded that goal! Books ... supplies ... wheelchairs ... YOU made that possible through your purchases of our American-made, African-inspired products! Thank you!

The Entrepreneur Summit and the Daymond John Success Formula have been ... to say the least ... an amazing experience and a blessing.

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