An Investor Issues a Challenge.

Previously:  We meet Nate Holzapfel of Mission Belt, who struck a deal with Daymond John. Then mingle and chat with other entrepreneurs who have a dream, like ourselves. Now it’s our turn.

Morning dawns. We’re scared and excited. We haul our product displays downstairs ... and at about 10 o’clock or 10:30 ish, we get to go up on stage and present our business. This could be where Ceiphers Clothing takes off.

Understand, I can talk about my business all day, every day. But put me in front of a room full of people like that and I get more than a little bit nervous – there were about 100 or more other entrepreneurs out there, plus the Summit staff, plus Daymond John’s team. Not to mention the key players; the investors. All looking at us.

Just a bit nerve-wracking.

We might have stumbled a little bit at first ... but soon we were rolling. We got to share some of the numbers for the company, talk about our markups, our profit margins, and our per-user revenue. Now, also, our customer acquisition costs, which we’d paid a lot more attention to since we learned about them through the Daymond John Success Formula course.

After our presentation we got questions and feedback from the investors ... very excited when one of them showed real interest in investing in Ceiphers Clothing! But (let down!) he challenged us first to get our sales numbers up within the next six months, before revisiting the investment.

Right before we left the stage, something came over me and I felt I just had to talk and share my grandmother’s story. (In Kenya, Salome Olweya, my grandmother and best friend at one point in life – still with us in spirit – was self-taught. Raising herself up, she co-founded Nyaburi Integrated Primary School, catering to children with disabilities. In honor of her legacy of philanthropy, for every item purchased Ceiphers Clothing donates $1.00 to this school; the money is used to purchase wheel chairs, crutches, and school supplies for the students.)

I learned of her story only four months before starting Ceiphers Clothing.  She quickly became even more of an inspiration to my life and to the company – so I got to share a little bit, some of the moments between myself and my grandmother and how she’s inspired us, and how this is her legacy of philanthropy.

Humbly, I believe the room was moved.

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