A Small Heartbreak, and they want MY Autograph!

Previously:  We give our presentation, attract a potential investor, and tell the story of Salome Olweya, founder of an important school for disabled kids.

As we stepped off the stage I was a little bit heartbroken to not have gotten an investment right away. Our hopes had been so high. But at last we had a nibble, and some solid interest.

Finally I got on my way and grabbed our clothing rack and started taking everything back to our rooms upstairs ... then when we got there I just dropped down to my knees and thanked God for the opportunity that we had to even present the business.

Then the phone rang.

It’s Rachel. She says “You need you to bring a change back downstairs and a bunch of product bags too - people are rushing me to buy our bow ties and hats!” By the time I got back downstairs with some change in hand she had already sold about seven or eight items, and we just kept on going from there.

People from another event across the hallway were actually intrigued to see all the people from our convention wearing bow ties, to the point where they sought Rachel and me out of the crowd. They started asking us a little bit about Ceiphers Clothing and why the other people in the room were all decked out in bow ties.

So that was really cool … and this actually blew my mind: one of the people who purchased one of our new hats – the “Dad Hat” with the Mara Kitenge fabric on the back of the strap – actually asked me to autograph the strap of his hat. That was a first for me; I was elated to say the least.

Another first: Daymond John was in the other room photographing other people’s books and products and whatnot, when someone there wanted me to autograph the hat they just bought from us! That was my first autograph ever, and you’d better believe (Millennial thing!) we got it on video too.

I think it’s going to be cool to look back on that video in a few years and say, hey, that was my first autograph I ever did. Not just cool: super cool.

While all this madness was going on, we had some people actually come up and ask us how to tie a bow tie. So we made a few videos with those people to use on Social Media, and others showing behind-the-scenes footage of the Entrepreneur Summit, so that folks who follow our social media can get a taste of what we were experiencing at the event.

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