Our Take on Modern African Clothing

Our Take on Modern African Clothing

The use of African fabric in modern clothing is nothing new. Many brands are doing it (and doing it well!), but we strive to create something unique, something that tells a story. We want our take on modern African clothing to be meaningful. Let what you wear matter!

African Pocket Tee from Ceiphers Clothing

In doing so, we’ve carefully crafted unique African-inspired pieces with kitenge fabric accents. The accent could be the bow tie, hair bow. a pocket, or the cuff on a shirt! It’s something small enough that more people can feel comfortable sporting our clothing, but a big enough pop of color to really stand out from the crowd.

Modern African Style from Ceiphers Clothing

We name all of our products in Swahili. We do this to share a culture (and a new language!) that our customers may have not been exposed to before.   Our Spring 2019 Collection encompasses all of the above! We’ve designed new bow ties, dresses, shirts, and other accessories with kitenge fabric accents that we are so very proud of. The entire collection is comprised of pieces that can be worn together and styled in many different ways.   The new line utilizes two new fabrics: Tambo, meaning “maze” or “puzzle” in Swahili, and Nawiri, meaning “blossom.”  

Tambo Kitenge Fabric African Fabric from Ceiphers Clothing

Tambo = Maze

Nawiri Kitenge Fabric African Fabric from Ceiphers Clothing

Nawiri = Blossom

Nawiri Bow Tie Ceiphers Clothing

Remember - YOU donate with every purchase! For every bow tie, every dress, every shirt, you buy, YOU contribute toward our mission. Ceiphers Clothing donates to Nyaburi Integrated Primary School for children with disabilities in Kenya. As we say in Swahili - Asante (Thank you) for all you do to support our cause! Let what your wear matter!