Ceiphers Dress Shirt with Teflon

I don’t know about you, by I can think of a million times when I spilled something on a dress shirt and then walked around all day with a stain on it. It’s embarrassing and unnecessary. Ceiphers Teflon Men’s Dress Shirts are here to solve that issue. Each shirt is treated with Teflon™ Shield + fabric protector making the shirt stain resistant, liquid repellent and breathable. All of our styles are accented with our colorful waxed-cotton kitenge fabric, making each shirt unique, especially since no kitenge fabric pattern is used the same way twice. More importantly, our dress shirts have two methods for repelling moisture. First, the outer layer of our dress shirt is made from a feather-light twill fabric, making the shirts extremely comfortable to swear. Twill has a diagonal weave, which allows the fabric to drape well. It also soaks up the Teflon coating, ensuring the shirts are stain resistant and repel liquid. In addition, the twill weave on the inner layer helps wick moisture away from the skin — an extremely useful trait during the hot summer months, no matter where you live. We offer four different variations of our dress shirts, each with its own unique accent. I’ve tested the Teflon coating personally using coffee, wine, soda and water. In each case, the fabric sheds moisture like an umbrella sheds rain, leaving no stain behind. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below and watch for yourself!