Ceiphers Dresses with Pockets...!

Ceiphers Dresses with Pockets...!

We had lots of requests from ladies asking if and when we were going to add more garments to our clothing line for women. Ladies, we heard you! We are proud to introduce our new line of dresses.

The inspiration behind the line comes from powerful women in my life. For my grandmother, who started her career sewing clothing in Kenya; for my mother, an amazing educator; and my wife, who stood behind me during the darkest times in my life and who has been at my side every step of the way in building Ceiphers Clothing.

These are all strong women who have strong opinions. For example, my wife is astounded that women’s clothing is made with faux pockets, while men’s clothing is made with real pockets. She told me she was tired of not having a place to stash a cell phone besides her purse. Pockets are a symbol of empowerment and independence in women's clothing. By being able to hold her own belongings, a woman need not rely on a bag or another person to carry her things. I knew she was right, so I added pockets to the dresses. At first, I added them in the seams inside the dress, so the pockets would be invisible. However, since we were using the kitenge fabric for the pockets, not enough of that gorgeous material showed, which is why we added the pockets to the front of the dress.

The Choices

The new dresses by Ceiphers Clothing are stylish and functional. We designed them in two colors — black and a soft indigo. We’ve also introduced two new kitenge fabrics – Mrahaba (royalty in Swahili) and Tausi (peacock in Swahili) as accents on each dress. No two pockets are alike because we use different parts of the fabric each time.

Dress It Up or Down

These dresses can go from day to night in a flash. During the day, wear the dress with a pair of leggings underneath, then head off to wherever you need to go. At night, add a complimentary shawl, one of our matching kitenge fabric chokers, and some bling and you are ready to dance the night away.

To complement the dress line, we’ve added new chokers and bow ties using the two new kitenge fabrics.