African Culture in Ceiphers Clothing

African Culture in Ceiphers Clothing

African Culture in Ceiphers Clothing

Africa contains 54 countries and African Culture spreads far and wide. There are 42 tribes in my home country Kenya alone, each contributing to the country's diverse culture and heritage. They are each defined by where they live, what they wear and even what they eat! I, Ceiphers Olweya, come from the Luo Tribe in Kenya. We are River-Lake Nilotes who reside mainly around Lake Victoria, meaning fish is a staple food and we sure eat a ton of it! So much so, in fact, that I haven't been fond of fish since moving to the United States in 2004. I'll eat the occasional plate of calamari or shrimp, but only after it's been battered and fried in seasoned goodness!

I still reminisce on the beautiful culture back home. From the stories shared by different tribes, to the melodic sounds of different languages, to the spectacular fashion from each tribe. I would get so nostalgic thinking about it that when it came time for my wife and I to launch our business, we chose to use our brand to share a little taste of home. 

How We Intertwine African Culture Into Every Article of Clothing

At Ceiphers Clothing, we do everything we can to share African culture in different ways, including showcasing culturally significant stories on our social media pages, naming our products in Swahili, and even highlighting different aspects of African culture in our designs.

We have paid tribute to my home country in our flagship design, our tribal pattern. The four symbols in our tribal pattern each have their own significant, unique meaning. The first symbol is a simple three lines, symbolizing the 3 lines on the Kenyan Flag. The lines on the Kenyan flag are black (for the color of the people), red (for the blood they are willing to shed to protect their home) and green (for their land). Next, the shield also comes from the Kenyan flag and is a symbol of protection. Next comes the fish. Can you guess what that represents? The fish is a tribute to my tribe, the Luo people, as stated above. And last but not least, the torch is the final and probably the most important symbol in our tribal pattern. I come from a Legacy of Philanthropy. It began with my grandmother. Not only did she live a life of giving, but she spent her retirement funds to start a school for children with disabilities in Kenya: Nyaburi Integrated Primary School. She gave birth to my mother who spent her years as a teacher and is now teaching government reform with the United Nations. The torch has now been passed down to my wife and me as we continue to give back both locally and internationally. For every item purchased, Ceiphers Clothing donates $1 to Nyaburi Integrated Primary School for children with disabilities in Kenya. We use this design everywhere as it is truly a great representation of our brand.

Our African Print Leggings Are Available for Pre-Order!

African Leggings with Pockets from Ceiphers Clothing

We are most excited about releasing our tribal design on our new Women's Leggings! Our African print leggings are available in black with white tribal print and white with black tribal print. They are squat proof and even have pockets! My wife has educated me on the importance of pockets in women's clothing and we just knew we had to include those on our various pieces. I can't take too much credit though, as my wife has created her new collection all on her own: The Awuor Collection.

Yes, the leggings are fashionable and comfy. But there's way more to this new product! By purchasing a pair of leggings, you're joining a movement and letting what you wear matter. By supporting our brand, you're providing school supplies and other necessary items to students in need. You're helping us continue our Legacy of Philanthropy. 

What are you waiting for? Join the movement today.