Our Love Story - Part 2: Our Values

Our Love Story - Part 2: Our Values

In the last blog, I wrote about a drive Rachel and I took back to Phoenix a few years ago - a drive where we picked the name of my future business.

I was feeling pretty good, having the name picked out and all. Then Rachel asked me a question I wasn’t prepared to answer. She wanted to know how I was going to do it? How was I going to turn my dream into a reality? I knew that the person I was at that moment would not be able to accomplish the goals I had been dreaming about. In order to achieve anything, the first thing I needed to do was CHANGE myself. I needed to wake up earlier, go to bed later, work harder than I ever had before.

In passing, Rachel noted that “change” started with the letter C, just like Ceiphers!

I also knew I needed to EDUCATE myself - both in how to run a business and in life. Up to that point, I had been relatively indifferent to my education. I knew I would need to do a lot of studying before starting my own company.

There's the E in Ceiphers - Educate.

Next, I knew I would need inspiration. And there's the I in Ceiphers. There is plenty that inspires me: my African roots, my grandmother, my wife, and so much more. Inspiration comes in many forms and it's intriguing to see how that comes together in a project like this.

Change, education, and inspiration is what would help me PREVAIL in my endeavors. (Are you noticing a pattern yet?) I need to accept HELP from others in order to be EMPOWERED to REALIZE my own SUCCESS. Those words above have become the heart of Ceiphers Clothing. These are our values going forward, and I think about them every day and try to apply them to everything.


Looking back, I’m still very surprised at how things have turned out. What started as a car ride back home turned into the foundation of a new business. I would not have found the motivation, the fire or even the concept for Ceiphers Clothing without the love of my life, Rachel. She challenges me to be better every single day. Our relationship has set the tone for our life together, and for our company and I wouldn't have it any other way.