My Diamond in the Rough

My Diamond in the Rough

So often you hear about relationships that started as love at first sight. It didn’t happen that way for us, but I think how we eventually fell in love gives us an even stronger connection.

We met in 2012 in college at Northern Arizona University. It was Homecoming Day and I had just walked in the door at a friend’s party. I saw Rachel and thought she was so beautiful. I just had to meet her. I thought I was “the man” in college, so I swaggered up and challenged her to a game. I told her if I won, I wanted her phone number... and a kiss. And she promptly kicked my butt in the game.

She took pity on me and gave me her phone number anyway.

Slowly, Rachel became my friend, but that was all we were. It was almost as if she knew I had some growing up to do. She was there for me during my homesick phases. She was there for me during all the low points in my life. She was there to help me celebrate the good times as well.

After a couple of years, I realized that I couldn’t ever find anyone as wonderful as Rachel. I shot her a text and didn’t quite know what to say to shift our relationship from friends to something more profound.

After skirting around the issue for a bit, I finally said, “After everything I’ve gone through, you’ve always been my Diamond in the Rough. I know it’s going to take a lot to build our relationship and build the type of life we envision, but I am willing to do it if you let me.” Not too shabby, huh?

That’s how I went from being the man to being her man. To this day, she is saved in my cell phone as Diamond in the Rough.

A few years later, my Diamond in the Rough has a beautiful diamond that’s not so rough! We were married on February 22, 2016 in the backyard of our first home. Little did we know, our story was just beginning.