What is Kitenge Fabric

It is an informal fabric – usually a multicolored, dark wax print on a lighter background, made using a traditional batik technique on plain weave cloth that has a firm and well woven selvedge. Stop by our online store to see how we intertwine this incredible African fabric with every day American wear, all while giving back.

Ceiphers and Rachel Olweya, founders of Ceiphers Clothing

Meet the founders

Ceiphers Olweya, from Kenya, and his Chicago-born, Phoenix-raised wife Rachel have produced a modern African clothing collection of inspired creations – intertwining American street wear and formal wear with African culture by adding a vibrant pop of kitenge fabric to classics like bow ties, dress shirts, pocket tees, and hoodies. Their African inspired clothing line brings in simple flashes of bright Kenyan cotton allowing Ceiphers Clothing to stand out from the customary pack with uniquely compelling visuals putting a modern twist on African Clothing.

Our Why

Ceiphers’s grandmother, Salome Olweya, is the true inspiration for Ceiphers Clothing. Married off at a young age, Salome began selling fried donuts and other foods on the side of the road until she saved up enough money to rent out a veranda. In that veranda, she trained herself to tailor and knit. Salome didn’t stop there – she began teaching other women in her community to sew. Through education, inspiration, and empowerment, Salome Olweya was able to better her own community. In 1984, Salome Olweya co-founded Nyaburi Integrated Primary School, a school that caters to children with disabilities. In honor of her legacy of philanthropy, for every item purchased Ceiphers Clothing donates $1 to Nyaburi Primary School in Kenya. Donations are used to purchase wheel chairs, crutches, and school supplies for the students.

Nathan (grandfather), Ceiphers, and Salome Olweya (grandmother)